Your family is precious and so is their future. What would happen to them if you were to suddenly pass away? Would they be able to remain in your family home, pay the bills, afford college, or have the future you had planned for? A death is devastating emotionally, but our goal is to ensure that it is not devastating financially. Your family should not have to worry about paying the mortgage while they are also grieving. Our solutions make sure they won’t have to.

Types of Life Insurance Available From Manasota Elite Educators Insurance

At Manasota Elite Educators Insurance, we can present you with options regarding the types of life insurance available to you. We have insurance policies available for every budget, with coverage amounts that can be adjusted based upon what it costs to run your household on a yearly basis, how much debt you have, etc. These are the factors you must consider when determining how much life insurance coverage you need. Scott McDowell and our agents can assist you in identifying which types of insurance would best fit your current budget and future needs. To schedule an appointment with our Bradenton, Florida office, call (941) 752-6266 or email

Term Life Insurance

For life insurance on a budget, consider buying a term life insurance policy. Many of our younger Bradenton, Florida clients buy term life insurance with the intent of switching to a whole life policy as their income grows. A term life policy provides you with a set death benefit that is available as long as you make the premium payments for a set period of years. For example, you could buy a policy worth $250,000 that lasts for 20 years. If you were to die within those 20 years, the policy would pay out. If you died afterward, you would no longer have life insurance, so it is important to keep your policies up to date.

Whole Life Insurance

A whole life insurance policy can do far more for you than pay out a death benefit. While this is certainly the primary reason for getting life insurance, you can have a solution that works even harder to meet your needs. A whole life policy accumulates cash value as you make your monthly premium payments. This is cash value that you can withdraw or borrow against. If you have unexpected medical bills, need to make an emergency payment, or want to take a dream vacation, you can afford it. Simply withdraw the funds and repay them. In this way, you have a savings account that can protect you now, while also paying a benefit when you die.

Scheduling an Appointment Is Easier Than Ever

At Manasota Elite Educators Insurance, we make it easy to buy a life insurance policy. You can protect your family without ever visiting our office or speaking with an 800#. We provide personalized service and can come to your home or work to make it as convenient as possible.

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