Hurricane Irma

DEAR CLIENTS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Please take this storm seriously. Prepare and keep safe. This is a good time to find your insurance policies and declaration pages to know your carrier's claim phone numbers.  We represent many carriers and unfortunately we cannot include all numbers in this email.

Our offices will be closing Friday Sept 8th to allow our staff ample time to prepare for the oncoming storm. We will re-open as soon as the storm passes.  In the event our office building has no power we have set up the following:

1. Our phone systems are voice over IP (Internet) and you are able to call us.  The servers are located in areas throughout the US and you should not have interruption.  

2. If our cell phones have internet after the storm then then our office lines ring through to our cell phones via the internet app, if we do not answer leave a voicemail and we will respond.

3. Our out-of-state offices will monitor our lines, voicemails and emails.


All carriers have direct claims lines as indicated in your declaration  pages and policies. If you are able, please call direct to the carrier as the claim will  normally process faster , then call our office claims line and  leave us a voice mail with your name, policy, carrier and your claim number.
5. Please keep in mind that our staff in South Florida is subject to the same storm conditions as our clients